Enki Brewing Company

Enki is a craft brewery based out of Victoria, Minnesota with a culture built around optimism and friendliness. Their brand identity is a tribute to the ancient Sumerian water god Enki. Legend has it Enki relocated to land of 10,000 lakes to bring people together, just as he brought the Tigris and Euphrates rivers together centuries ago. Each Enki brew is lovingly crafted with unique flavors. The approach to design was met with with equal distinction. 
Below are some examples of activation ideas for various beer festivals and events. The goal was to leave guests with memorable and fun experiences themed around worshipping the gods of beer. 

ROLE: Art Direction, Design and Illustration
CREATIVE DIRECTION: Clinton Lugert & Jack Wilcox
AGENCY: LEE Branding
Additional design and illustration credits to Jack Wilcox and Lori Benoy respectively.
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